How To Interface LDR With Arduino

Hello, Friends hope all of you playing with your arduino and currently need to try to do another cool projects on arduino. Therefore, this tutorial is for you. During this tutorial, we interface LDR(Light dependent Resister) with the arduino board. It is very simple tutorials for arduino students, hobbyist, and beginners. Before going more we must find out how LDR is dependent on Light.

What is LDR 
interfacing ldr with arduino
LDR(Light dependent Resister) or a photoresistor is a light dependent variable resistor that resistance decreases with the increase in the intensity of light. This gives an analog value so that it is connected to an analog pin of arduino board. A simple LDR is shown within the image and to buy an LDR click on the below image

Circuit Diagram
A simple circuit diagram is shown in the image. We won't use LDR directly within the circuit in order that a potential divider circuit is used with a 10K resistor. In this circuit one pin of LDR is connected to Analog pin A0 of arduino UNO and one pin is connected to ground(GND).

circuit diagram of LDR interfacing with arduino
LDR Circuit
Source code
Now connect your arduino board together with your PC and upload the given source code into the board. After uploading the code run your program and see the different value in your serial monitor.

LDR interfacing source code with arduino
LDR Code

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