How To Install Arduino Software On Windows

Arduino is an open source platform that is why it attracts student, engineer and hobbyist very simply. During this  post i'll tell u step-by-step instruction to download and install the Arduino IDE on windows. First go to the Arduino website and click on the download link to go to the download page of the arduino IDE or click on the download to direct head to the page. DOWNLOAD

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At the download page you may see the above image. It consist the list of assorted Arduino IDE
software list. Click on the Arduino 1.0.6 , an another page are going to be open just like the below image

Install Arduino Software On Windows

For windows click on the windows installer. It download the Arduino IDE for windows. When with success downloading extract the downloaded ZIP file and copy the folder to a desired place.Now double click on the arduino.exe and follow the instruction to install the software.

how to Install Arduino Software On Windows
Now your Arduino software is installed on your windows. Double click on the arduino application to open it. Click on the below video to see the way to install Arduino IDE on windows.


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