How to Use A Temperature Sensor With Arduino

A thermometer is a device measures the temperature. A Thermometer consists a temperature sensing element that senses environment temperature and provides the result to the suitable devices. During this article, you may tend to learn to make a digital thermometer using LM35 temperature sensor and LCD module display.For LCD interfacing with arduino read this article Interfacing LCD With Arduino UNO  

LM35 :

LM35 temperature sensor
LM35 Temperature Sensor 
LM35 is a temperature sensor that is employed to measure the temperature. It has three terminal Vcc, Output, Ground as shown in the above image 
The range of the LM35 temperature sensor is from -55 'C to +155 'C. The output range varies by 10mV to each fall and rise in temperature. Circuit diagram of Digital Thermometer using LM35 temperature sensor with arduino UNO is shown below: 

Automatic Temperature Fan Speed Controller 

Circuit diagram

It has a very simple circuit. The output terminal of the sensor is connected to the analog pin A0 of arduino board. Vcc and GND pin of the sensor are connected to the power supply and GND respectively. 
circuit diagram of digital thermometer
Digital Thermometer Circuit Diagram

arduino code of digital thermometer with LM35
Code For Digital Thermometer



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  5. Fantastic Post! Lot of information is helpful in some or the other way. Keep thermometer

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